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WELCOME TO ROWDY REBEL! So much time has passed since I began shutting my business down in 2014 and then actually closing it at the end of 2015. I often wonder if I made the right decision as I do miss my customers terribly. I do not think I will reopen again anytime soon although I do have plenty of inventory boxed up and put away in case I decide to ever open again. I've put my license on 'ice' for awhile with the hopes I may reopen someday.

In the meantime, I'm using my website for fun and interesting links for you to check out. One of my favorites is 'Olde South' - they have Confederate Checks for those of (us) who still use that old fashioned way of paying for things. What I enjoy the most about the checks is the look on cashier's faces as I hand them one of those nicely printed checks with a Confederate Flag on it! Also, check out the great camping areas in our neck of the woods..... some really cool campgrounds worth seeing!

Got to keep it flyin [X] no matter what! Hope you enjoy my site. Kathy, Rowdy Rebel.

Kathy Stratton, Rowdy Rebel


Please check out these links:

Wildland Firefighter Foundation: The Fallen

Injured firefighter Daniel Lyon shares recovery

Make a Wish Foundation - truly inspirational

"I am with the South in life or in death, in victory or in defeat...... I believe the North is about to wage a brutal and unholy war on a people who have done them no wrong, in violation of the Constitution and the fundamental principles of government. They no longer acknowledge that all government derives its validity from the consent of the governed. They are about to invade our peaceful homes, destroy our property, and inaugurate a servile insurrection, murder our men and dishonor our women. We propose no invasion of the North, no attack on them, and only ask to be left alone." - Major General Patrick Cleburne C.S.A.

Favorite Links

DeGoede Bulb Farm & Gardens
Raintree Nursery
Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Strange Laws
Most Haunted Places in Washington - Confederate Checks!
White Pass web cam
Wildlife rescue! Nonprofit! Rochester, WA For Heaven's Sake wildlife rescue and rehab! Nice caring people!
US Hwy 12 / White Pass - mountain pass
Oak Creek feeding station - (White Pass)
Experience Washington - places to go, sites to see!
WA state bird, flower, Flag, and other info
Confederate History n more
Confederate Generals
Nathan Bedford Forrest Books
Confederate books n more!
WunderGround - get your weather report here.
Smoke Jumpers visitor center, Missoula, Montana
/ Mt Rainier scenic railroad (Elbe, WA) (great camping, fishing)! Grays Harbor fairgrounds

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